Electric Can Opener Can Save Your Wrists

Using a manual can opener can sometimes be hard for people, but it is especially difficult for those with wrist problems like carpal tunnel or arthritis. The twisting motion required to turn the small handle on a manual can opener can be difficult and sometimes painful. Choosing a good quality electric can opener can be […]

No More Trouble Opening Glass Jars or Plastic Bottles: Electric Jar Opener

If your wrists are weak from carpal tunnel issues, or if you experience pain from arthritis or other wrist problems, you may have trouble opening glass jars and plastic bottles. For me, the twisting motion required to remove a lid from a glass jar is painful, sometimes excruciatingly so, and the pain doesn’t stop after […]

Hands-Free Soap Dispenser

While pushing on the pump of a soap dispenser is not terribly painful, anything you can do to reduce the amount of stress you are putting on your wrists is a good thing. I have found that when my hands and wrist are already very irritated, pushing on a hand soap dispenser isn’t fun. A […]