Hands-Free Soap Dispenser

Simplehuman Brushed Nickel Sensor Pump

Simplehuman Brushed Nickel Sensor Pump

While pushing on the pump of a soap dispenser is not terribly painful, anything you can do to reduce the amount of stress you are putting on your wrists is a good thing. I have found that when my hands and wrist are already very irritated, pushing on a hand soap dispenser isn’t fun.

A hands-free soap dispenser is just a useful tool anyway, especially in the kitchen. While I’m in the middle of cooking, I can run my hands under the sensor to get soap to clean off my hands without having to touch the top of a dispenser and get it dirty. This is especially handy when handling meat products. I think these are the best soap dispensers to have in kitchens and bathrooms.

We have one Simple Human hand soap dispenser in the bathroom and one in the kitchen.

Simplehuman Brushed Nickel Sensor Pump and Sprout Sensor hand Soap Pump Review


  • Don’t have to touch it to turn it on – keeps from spreading germs
  • Very attractive design


  • In direct bright light (in our bathroom this is from bright sconce lights at the mirror), the sensor has a little trouble determining when your hand is underneath it. Minor inconvenience. You may have to wave underneath it a couple of times to get it to dispense soap. This only happens when the sconces are on and the overhead light is not. Something must hit the sensor oddly.


The price depends on which model you buy. The two I am reviewing here cost $45 and $35. Batteries are not included, so you’ll need four AA batteries.

How It Works

Dispensing soap

Dispensing soap

You can adjust the amount of soap that is dispensed by turning a dial at the bottom of the dispenser. I usually keep mine on the first (lowest) setting. You’ll find you probably don’t need as much hand soap as you thought you did. But for those of you who prefer a lot of soap, you can turn it up all the way to get more. I’ve found the top setting to be way too much soap. You can also turn it all the way off in order to fill the dispenser or clean the unit.

When the soap starts to get really low, you will have a hard time getting the dispenser to dispense some soap. No problem there, just fill it back up!

I have not seen any drips on my counter after using the dispenser. The two models I have do not leak.

Dials to adjust amount of soap dispensed

Dials to adjust amount of soap dispensed

I do have a little bit of rust on the inside top lid of the soap refill of the taller model. I’m not sure where that is coming from, but you don’t see it when the lid is put back on. This is the older model (about 3 or 4 years old). I haven’t seen any signs of rust on the newer model we use in the kitchen.

When the battery needs to be replaced, a light on the dispenser will begin to blink.

Both dispensers have a large opening for the soap, so you don’t make a mess when you are refilling it.

As for battery usage, I don’t change batteries very often. Maybe once or twice a year.


Simplehuman offers a two year warranty on the Sensor Pump and Sprout Sensor Pump


Occasionally you may need to clean out the rubber dispensing valve at the tip of the dispenser. I’ve only had this get clogged twice in 3 years.

Be sure to not use any soap that has beads in it. This will clog the dispenser.

Other Notes

Opening to refill the soap

Opening to refill the soap

When I was researching this product prior to purchasing it, I saw several people note that they had to use a specific type of soap to get the dispenser to work. Originally I always purchased Softsoap brand, but lately I have used generic soap, and Method hand soaps and have not had any trouble (just don’t try foaming soap or soap with beads in it – it’s not for this dispenser).